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Let me tell you how it all started... My friends gave me a cool digital video camera for my birthday, and it totally changed my life! I quit my job - what did I need it for if I was going to make a dream of my whole life come true. Some people dream about space, others about millions, and I dreamt about fucking real hotties and filming them for my collection. Now it's the only stuff I'm doing for life and I'm doing it soooo damn good! You can check it and then tell me your opinion by the way. :-)
    So let me share a few secrets before you see my hot reality movies. I walk around the streets and parks, go to clubs and bars (sometimes you can even find a nice piece of meat in the moll) and pick hot looking gals with dirty thoughts on their minds.
    Almost every babe wanna be fucked by stranger so what is needed from me is charm and persistence, and, well sometimes, a little dough. Voila! You see them working on my dick while I'm shooting them POV and (another secret) of course they don't know I have this site... So please don't tell them about it if by any chance you meet any of them in the street ;-)
I shot all of these movies myself while my boy was digging holes of vicious gals. Be sure to check every movie and wait for updates, I keep picking chicks and shooting them every day!
Naive Bimbo Pretending a Star!

Running time: 19min 42sec

Invite a naïve bimbo to your place, promise her to make all dreams come true and get everything you want from that young and sweet body! Thatís what I and my friend did with this hottie whose only wish was to get filmed! Well, we never cheated her, I must say and recorded an exciting movie with this naughty doll deepthroating our rock hard members and getting double penetrated!
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I love to trick bimbos into wild hardcore in public places and then drive them so crazy that they are unable to stop even if someone is watching the action! They end up bursting with my sticky gravy...
Short Haired Blonde Teases!

Running time: 26min 12sec

Itís sometimes really hard to drive a splendid chick who knavishly looks at you and teases sitting in the back seat of the taxi cab! Thatís what happened to me one day when I picked a classy babe and got so damn turned on by her erotic strip dance in my car that couldnít help stopping in the desolate place and feeding her hungry mouth and dripping peach with my bone hard dick!
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I meet gals in the streets and fuck them right there filming it all POV. You can't see this shit anywhere else so join my site and be ready for an insane drive!
Bored Office Doll Screwed!

Running time: 19min 34sec

Iíve come to this office in business but what I found there made me change my plans and stay there for a while! The sweet bimbo was holding the office and definitely felt bored in the empty apartment. Iím not quite sure if she had watched some porn before I came or maybe she just got impressed by my charm, but she eagerly let my hand slide into her panties and then take them off and drill her hard!
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Nothing but raunchy fuck with amateur chicks here. No staged action, everything is real! Enjoy my movies filmed POV and by my hidden cam!
Dirty Talk Followed By Fuck!

Running time: 24min 17sec

Well, this is how it all started! Iíve come to a pretty doll right in the street and talked to her. Word by word and I dared offer her some money for some dirty talk with me. Imagine my surprise when she agreed not only to talk with me about sex but also show all her skills in practice! So we hastily found a desolate corner and turned on by the situation itself I crazily fucked this lewd stud!
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My camera is so good (thanks guys) that you can see every hair on the pussies of these sassy street maniacs readily spreading for my dick and my cam. Check my crystal clear videos now!
Dishy Blonde Plays!

Running time: 8min 43sec

I never expected I would be so lucky that day but seems I will always get sex adventures when leaving home with my new camera ready to shoot new horny films. This time I got acquainted with salacious blonde whose mega sexy look and sheer outfit didnít avoid the observation and as she got on knees and took my pecker deep in her hot mouth I cummed almost immediately!
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This is my life: nothing planned, no obligations only absolute excitement and fun with strange girls from the streets! My cam has the proof you crave for ;)
Hard Session at the Railway Station!

Running time: 37min 12sec

Cute pink dress of this walking gadget caught my attention at once and I couldnít pass by her perfectly shaped body! She wasnít very sweet at first and never wanted to get acquainted with me, but! As soon as I offered her a sum of money, she became nicer and escaped with me to the desolate corner where she showed the tits and got on her hunkers to be crazily probed in hot mouth!
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I can always say the rights words to see the chick packing her hand into my pants right there in the public place ;)
Red Haired Masha Fulfils Dreams!

Running time: 26min 46sec

Do you know that all women feel sympathy to lonely guys deprived of love and tenderness? I absolutely make a good thing of this fact and when a pretty red haired doll named Masha got in my taxi cab, moaned on my unhappy life lacking female warmth! She was going to the station, but wait a littleÖHer pretty boobs got bared and she blew my rod and then gave wet holes to be badly fucked by me!
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New babe every other day - this is the motto of my life so I can guarantee you regular updates with the hottest chicks I can only find in the streets of every city I go to!
Young Beauty Fucked in the Belfry!

Running time: 26min 8sec

I donít really know what this cute gadget was doing in that unkempt belfry but her young fresh body under the light dress turned me on immediately and I behaved rather saucily when started touching and rubbing her hips and tits and even sliding hand inside her panties! She first cried indignantly but then conquered by my insistence plunged into the pleasure as my cock shoved in her cunt!
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Public Places. 100% POV and hidden cam videos. Real amateur hotties and me fucking them all!
Crazy Strip and Fuck in the Car!

Running time: 28min

This drive was great! A good looking bimbo got in my car and she just wanted to have fun, so that I didnít even have to offer her some money or charm. She said she felt hot and - oh, mine! - I looked into the mirror and saw her topless with widely spread legs rubbing the pussy through panties. So could I just ignore her?! Of course I stopped the car and joined my pretty fellow and rammed her hard!
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Yesterday she was a usual girl and today she's a porn star featuring in my movies on my site ;)
Sweet Brunette Doing Nasty Things!

Running time: 26min 13sec

This wasnít a planned action, I just came to this attic to enjoy loneliness and shoot the city, but I found a beautiful brunette there whose sultry look was so exciting and turning on that I forgot about everything and soon captured by sudden passion we appeared to stay all naked caressing each other bodies! She sucked on my rod and - damn! - I banged her really hard!
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Chicks picked up to be heavily drilled in public!
Doll Revenges Her Boyfriend and Fucks!

Running time: 28min 22sec

Charming gadget was mercilessly thrown away from the car by her boyfriend right in that desolate place where I was going to spend my day shooting the landscapes and relaxing! What luck Iíve met her as she willingly accepted my offer to revenge her dude and experience some extreme fuck! So my landscape images were added by the horny naked body and scenes of crazy fuck!
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Lewd Shop Assistant Sells the Body!

Running time: 36min 53sec

As far as I entered this shop and saw the slutty looking shop assistant an artful design came to my mind. I approached the girl and asked her to show me the biggest and the most expensive bed in the shop having promised to share the money from sale with her. Wow! Her eyes shone so brightly and she eagerly demonstrated how a young and horny naked body would look on that bed!
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