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Utility Room Is Kinkily Used!

Running time: 17min 53sec

To tell the truth it wasnít easy to talk with this luxurious gal who became the next heroine of my raunchy collection of movies, and I had to be as charming and sweet as only a horny guy can be. In fact she appeared to be not that inaccessible as she seemed at first and willingly escaped from everybody to the utility room where I threw her on the floor and packed her throat and beaver with my rod!
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Busty Blonde Gives Holes for Fuck!

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Wow! Itís the only word I can say when thinking of this harlot blonde with big tasty boobies that impressed me so much! I offered her to warm up a little and we found ourselves on the desolate attic and she bared off her treasures knavishly looking into my working camera and stretched the slim long legs opening the sweetest peach Iíd ever seen! Fuck! I hardly bore from immediate cum!
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Gullible Babe Fucked on the Platform

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Having pretended to be a full dude I came to this luxurious chick in sheer outfit and said that I had lost in the city. I asked her to help me and be my guide and after some hesitation she agreed. Silly bimbo! She didnít know yet my charm and eloquence would soon persuade her into having the hardest fuck with me right under the railway platform where I crazily probed her pussy and mouth!
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Babe Fingers Pussy before Fuck!

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Oh mine! I was highly impressed and surprised when this luxurious gadget went into the talk with me and I couldnít believe my ears as she offered to spend some time together! Iím not the kind of guy girls fall in love with but maybe she was just conquered by my sexuality and digital camera because as soon as we got home she stripped and wildly masturbated pussy on it, and let me drill her holes!
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My Naked Guest Goes Dirty!

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Ha! I think this crazy brunette (I donít even remember her name) wanted me as soon as she saw me in the street and I couldnít but come to her and propose a cup of tea at my place. She never disappointed me when quickly stripped and worked the hottest lips and tongue on my bone hard dick. My camera was already turned on so I fully espoused to passion when stuck my meat into her tight caves!
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Violettaís Report Failed!

Running time: 27min 6sec

Violetta could drive mad any man and I wasnít the exception! She was our new accountant and looked so appealing when sitting at the huge office table and making the report that I couldnít but try to involve her into some really nasty action. So having proposed her some cognac I soon got her really boozed and ready and I entered my rock hard dick in her mouth and pussy with great pleasure!
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Stormy Ride on the Old Road!

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You shouldnít look for the reasons to stay with a nice girl one on one if you are a taxi driver. When this hot blonde got in my cab I decided to prolong our ride as much as possible and proposed herÖto shorten the way. And of course we got lost on the old road, among the fields where I easily talked my harlot fellow traveler to show me her nude body and then suck on my rod and crazily ride it!
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My Old Friend Fucked by Me!

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Iím always happy to see my old friends and that was right that case when my ex-girlfriend got in my car! Young body and beautiful face plus lots of flashbacks - all this had shot bolt and I wanted her again! She was talking about the night club she was going to and I was thinking about fucking her brains out! Wow! I dared do her the kinky offer and she willingly beaded her mouth and cunt on my dick!
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Bored Manager Gets Banged!

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What I am always ready to do is to entertain poor silly dolls who feel damn bored at their work! This time I got one bored manager walking home and having no slightest wish to stay alone, so it was her offer to stop for a while and talk a little. No wonder that our talk soon turned into the stormiest fuck session where my extra hard pecker roughly probed coedís mouth and slit!
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Sex Service Included!

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I definitely had to use the services of such a nice cleaner who was provokingly walking in my office almost naked with her vacuum in hands! And what I immediately did was to shove my hands under her outfit and explore her sexy body with already dripping pussy and delicious tits! Having no efforts to bare it anymore, I bent her over the table and furiously drilled in her mouth and cunt!
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Stunning Blonde Filled by Rod!

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I guess this stunning blonde who agreed to visit my place didnít expect such a pressure and rush from me, but I was too horny, and the couple of cocktails drunk even increased my passion and desire! She wanted to leave but I couldnít let her go without enjoying her fresh and smelly body with sticking tits and thrilling pussy that she gave me widely open ready to take the throbbing cock!
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Harlot Lady Worker Owned!

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Huh! Iíve found this harlot worker at my office (she was doing the repairs) and I absolutely liked her sexy outfit consisting only of the cover-slut put on naked body and red helmet. She was already drunk and it wasnít very difficult to make her feel guilty and thus talk into the craziest fuck session right on the dirty floor where I got a terrific blowjob and then crazily fucked her cunt!
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