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Babe Fucked by Me and My Friend!

Running time: 23min 54sec

This is one of those crazy and lewd babes whose insatiable desire makes her walk out in search of some sex adventures! What luck that I and my friend met her that day and invited this doll to our place where all of us enjoyed the stormiest threesome fuck that was recorded on my new camera! Salacious bimbo swallowed both hard peckers and then took us by turn into her burning caves!
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Hungry for Fuck Doll Satisfied!

Running time: 24min 44sec

This panicky gal sat in my cab and while we were driving she told a terrible story about her boyfriend who was abroad for nine months! Poor she is, but anyway, she got to the right place as my always horny and hard piston was already ready to give her the first help! We stopped in the desolate place and it’s worth seeing how happy she was to feel my meat in her mouth and pussy!
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Doll Fucks While Waiting for Boyfriend!

Running time: 21min 24sec

This pretty chick was just waiting for her boyfriend when I came to her with a glass of wine for relaxation. The wine was great and the boyfriend never showed up, so what the poor gadget had to do but amuse herself and take my dick out of the pants and swallow it really deep and then get badly diddled in all possible poses! She even drank my cum in the end! Enjoy!
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Young Liar Screwed by Me!

Running time: 28min 41sec

What can a poor doll do just not to be fired from work?! I decided to test one worker and the results were splendid! First she tried to move me to pity telling about her children and lack of money but having understood that I was merciless to her she did the right choice and took my hard piston in mouth doing the splendid blowjob and got wildly penetrated by me right in the office!
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Babe Fucked and Cheated!

Running time: 30min 56sec

I get really annoyed by insolent gals who get in the taxi cab without having a penny with them hoping that their beauty and youth would charm the driver and he’d ride them for free. This time I decided to give one foxy a lesson and as soon as she said about free drive I offered her a good paid fuck! Do you know what I did? I fucked her brains out and then left her on the road without paying a cent!
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Booze Party at the Cab!

Running time: 18min 52sec

Pretty and damn boozed bimbo was going home from the birthday party and I picked her up promising to drive to the place she needed. But…Her young soul and horny body begged for the continuation so I couldn’t resist her beauty and gave her all she wanted including my rock hard member that she willingly took in her erotic mouth and then deeply into the oozing cunt!
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Chick Seduces Me in My Cab!

Running time: 32min 47sec

Oh wow! That was hot! That was really hot when I picked up a cute brunette and on our way home she did the raunchiest thing I could expect from this charming lady. Do you know how I reached the success? I just said she wouldn’t be able to seduce me and the girl did all her best to prove the contrary. She uncovered the boobs and let me shove my finger in her wet slit and then fucked and sucked my rod!
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Young Chick Sucks in the Porch!

Running time: 9min 42sec

As far as I know girls are damn scared of police, especially if they have no registration and home! That’s what I used when met a young bimbo sitting on the window sill in my porch and having pretended a guard I offered her to solve this problem without calling the police officer! Oh yes! The result was great and soon she set herself comfy on the knees sucking my ready to cum dick!
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I Drill Doll in the Porch!

Running time: 32min 55sec

I met this bimbo in the street and couldn’t pass by her beautiful face and slim body. As it was a bit cool outside we decided to take refuge in the porch, so having talked a little and drunk a bottle of cognac I dared offer her to get on the hunkers and pet my sticking pecker! What a surprise! This raunchy chick opened her sexy mouth and I had my hard dick disappearing inside her moist holes!
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Hot Lady Boss Worked Up!

Running time: 22min 26sec

It’s not really very good to be late for work especially when such a wonderful surprise is waiting for you there in the view of extra beautiful bimbo wearing only sexy panties and cover-slut! She did the repairs and at first waded at me but her half naked body just begged to be roughly touched and rubbed and soon she was on the dirty floor getting her erotic mouth and oozing pussy fucked by me!
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Nasty Mila Goes To the Bad!

Running time: 39min 32sec

I liked this lively doll named Mila as soon as she got in my taxi cab, but she didn’t seem to be interested in my person at all, as she was in a hurry for the party! Ha! I just pretended that my car had broken and thus we stopped in the desolate place where my own charm and eloquence made her forget about everything and plunge into the stormiest cock suck and fuck!
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Lewd Female Boss Satisfied!

Running time: 28min

My charming boss, Tamara Sergeevna, always had very touch-me-not air and I didn’t expect at all that our talk about my report would very soon turn into some dirty action during which she would willingly suck on my extra hard pecker and then get heavily fucked by me right on her office table! This steamy session ended up with mind-blowing simultaneous orgasm!
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